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Previous Auction Results

Closed: Tue 4th Jun, 8:00pm ACST

ODD042 June Auction

Closed: Tue 7th May, 8:00pm ACST

ODD041 May Auction - time to grab your Autumn Reds and Whites!

Closed: Tue 9th Apr, 8:00pm ACST

ODD040 April Auction

Closed: Tue 12th Mar, 8:00pm ACDT

ODD039 March Auction

Closed: Tue 13th Feb, 8:00pm ACDT

ODD038 February Auction

Closed: Tue 16th Jan, 8:00pm ACDT

ODD037 First Auction for 2024!

Closed: Tue 28th Nov, 8:00pm ACDT

ODD036 Season's greetings to you all!!

Closed: Tue 24th Oct, 8:00pm ACDT

ODD035 ODD035 November Auction

Closed: Tue 26th Sep, 8:00pm ACST

ODD034 Oddbins October Auction

Closed: Tue 29th Aug, 8:00pm ACST

ODD033 September Auction

Closed: Tue 1st Aug, 8:00pm ACST

ODD032 August 2023 Auction

Closed: Tue 4th Jul, 8:00pm ACST

ODD031 Oddbins July 2023 Auction

Closed: Tue 6th Jun, 8:00pm ACST

ODD030 Oddbins June Auction 2023

Closed: Tue 9th May, 6:00pm ACST

ODD029 Oddbins May Auction

Closed: Tue 11th Apr, 8:00pm ACST

ODD028 April Easter Auction

Closed: Tue 14th Mar, 8:00pm ACDT

ODD027 March Auction

Closed: Tue 14th Feb, 8:00pm ACDT

ODD026 February ODD026 Auction

Closed: Tue 17th Jan, 8:00pm ACDT

ODD025 Happy New Year!! January 2023 Auction

Closed: Tue 29th Nov, 8:00pm ACDT

ODD024 Oddbins Christmas Auction

Closed: Tue 1st Nov, 8:00pm ACDT

ODD023 November Auction Closes 1/11/22 8pm

Closed: Tue 4th Oct, 8:00pm ACDT

ODD022 October 2022 Auction

Closed: Tue 6th Sep, 8:00pm ACST

ODD021 Spring has Sprung!!!

Closed: Tue 9th Aug, 8:00pm ACST

ODD020 Oddbins August Auction

Closed: Tue 12th Jul, 8:00pm ACST

ODD019 Winter is here - stock up on those reds!

Closed: Tue 14th Jun, 8:00pm ACST

ODD018 Oddbins June 2022 Auction