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  1. T: Click on for a tasting note T

  2. P: Provenance tag, a well cellared lot P

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  1. How To...Bid online

  2. How To...Sell wine

  3. How To...View a catalogue

  4. How To...View past auctions

  5. How To...Become a subscriber

How To...Bid online

Browsing, bidding & revising

Step One: You need to be a subscriber
  1. In order to make a bid, you must be a subscriber!

  2. So, not a subscriber? Click here to join

  3. You are but can't remember your login details? Contact us

Step Two: Peruse the catalogue
  1. Click on the Auctions tab at the top of the screen then choose the auction you're interested in.

  2. Click VIEW CATALOGUE or Click BID to list on items of that Auction

  3. For later reference, you can Add your items to Watch List by checking the box and return to it later by using the Watch List feature

  4. AND REMEMBER! Unless indicated, all bidding is on a per bottle basis.

Step Three: Place your bids
  1. The basics...

    The simple and easiest way is to type in your maximum bid and press SUBMIT. If you're the highest bidder you'll see a green Winning Label! If you're too low, a red Outbid label will appear. You'll need to bid higher! In "Case Lot" auctions a yellow Approval Required label means that your Bid amount is too low thus winning is subject to vendor’s approval. You'll need to bid higher to secure The Lot.

  2. Too many lots?

    Use the SEARCH FILTERS, add to WATCHLIST features to narrow down the catalogue to those items you are interested in. Then place your BID and press SUBMIT.

  3. Bidding List...

    All Items you are bidding on will be listed under the Bidding list in your profile; which will show any item you have bid on including outbid and Buy it Now items (which will show as Won).

  4. Auto Bidding...

    The auto bid function will take care of your bidding in defined steps up to your maximum bid, in which case a Winning label will appear where you are successful or a red Outbid label will indicate that you've been outbid PLUS we'll also send you an e-mail telling you that you've been outbid.
    When you see a Approval Required label, this means that the bid is subject to the vendor's approval.

  5. Revising bids...

    This can be done at any time up until the closing time for the auction BUT there are conditions. Note: Bids can only be revised down to the current winning bid amount.Simply go to the lot you wish to revise, type in your new BID and press SUBMIT.

  6. Buy it Now...

    Some vendors may offer a lot with a Buy it Now price. When this option is available you click on the Buy it Now button and you can purchase the item outright and you can't be outbid.
    You will be given the option to buy the item at the agreed price. Once you confirm the purchase, you are committed to pay that price on the end of auction invoice (plus buyer premium).
    If you bid on an item, but under the Buy it Now price, and another buyer then used the Buy it Now the item will show as Purchased Outright and will no loner be available for bids.

Step Four: Keeping in touch
Vital Auction Messages from Oddbins...
  1. Outbid notification...
    We will email you notifications when you are outbid for a lot immediately as soon as the outbid transaction takes place and will email you once more 3 hours before the auction close reminding you of your OUTBID Lots.

  2. Auction closing notification...
    In the same day auction closes, we will send you an e-mail telling you that the auction is about to close. Just in case you've forgotten!

  3. Winning bids notification...
    As soon as the auction closes and all the bidding has been resolved, including vendor referrals, we will then send you a winning bids invoice, typically within an hour.

Step Five: Auction Closure & Listening Times
  1. What happens when the auction closes?
    Close of the auction is automatic and is displayed on every listing and on The Auction page. When the auction closes our auction system will check to see if there has been any bids placed within two minutes of closure.
    If there has been activity, that is, continued bidding, the auction for those lots will remain open until the bidding stops.

Step Six: Obtaining your winnings
  1. Deliveries...

    Pay your bill securely on-line and we'll send it out as fast as we can. Any issues Contact us

  2. Local pickups...
    Once you've received your invoice, your winning bids are ready to be picked up from our airconditioned warehouse at 8 Mattingly Lane, Norwood SA 5067. Please note: Opening hours will be indicated on your invoice.

How To...Sell wine

Step One: Value your wines

  1. Let Oddbins value your wines... Contact us for a free valuation.

Step Two: Send us your wines...

Step Three: Auctions & T&C's

  1. Once we have your wines valued, we will then advise you of...
    a- Your Vendor web account details for first timers, you will need to keep your vendor Bank details up to date.
    b- Will email you a list of your items how we listed them.
    c- you then will be able to view their progress through your vendor profile Lot Listing Activity Tab
    d- The next available auction You will be emailed with Auction info, List of your Lots on this Auction and Commission Rate.
    e- Then sit back and wait for the Payment!
    IMPORTANT: Vendors cannot Bid on their Own Listed Lots.

How To...View a catalogue

  • Step One: Go to The Auctions Page and Scroll to the Live and Upcoming Auction Section

  • Step Two: Click View catalogue on the desired Auction

  • Step Three: Click Bid to Browse This Auction Listings or Click Live Auctions Tab to view All listings

  • Step Four: Start bidding

How To...View past auctions

Step One: Login to Oddbins

  1. Use your login name and password

Step Two: Click on Auctions

  1. At the Home Page click on Auctions Page. Scroll to the previous Auctions Section. Then click View Results on the auction you are interested in.

How To...Become a subscriber

Sign up for an Oddbins account.

You will then receive an email to Verify your account.

Then Go to the settings section Subscription & Billing tab Fill in your billing Address and subscribe to membership.

Set your delivery or Pickup preferences. Click here Register Now